Richard Lovell

- art director


grey london


accounts: nokia, bold 2in1 detergent, lenor fabric conditioner, pingles, fortis, nouvelle tissues, toshiba



agencies: grey london, vccp, claydon heeley jones mason, momentum

accounts: nokia, fortis, proctor & gamble, goodyear tyres, egg internet bank, magnum icecreams, tanqueray gin

delaney lund knox warren
2002-2006 (brand guardian)



accounts: ebay, gm vauxhall, halifax bank, bank of scotland, bm solutions mortgages, teletext holidays,
australian tourist commission, vauxhall retail

accounts won: ebay (worth £5m), coi department of further education (£10m), gm vauxhall astra (£8m),
gm vauxhall retail (£15m), bm solutions mortgages (£4m), bank of scotland (£6m), halifax bank drtv (£3m)

total value of account wins £51million

awards: campaign media awards (best retail campaign): ebay, campaign posters (best retail poster):
ebay ‘snowflake', ifs financial awards gold (best campaign): halifax bank drtv, money marketing awards silver
(best campaign): bm solutions mortgages, financial services marketing awards gold (best campaign): bm solutions,
aerial radio award: bank of scotland ‘mr ker-ching’

virtual circle
2000-2001 (creative director)


accounts won: tara tv, united racecourses, bdr consulting, wild at heart florists, exodus adventure holidays

awards: travel advertising awards silver (posters): exodus ‘take a brochure’



agencies: ddb london, publicis, archibald ingall stretton, publicis dialog, agency republic, claydon heeley jones mason, wunderman

accounts: renault, british airways, j&j clean & clear, bell’s whiskey,, jaguar, sky digital, business week, hewlett packard, t-mobile, honda motorcycles

accounts won: (ddb london)



accounts: channel 4, marks & spencer, california raisins, salon selective, bosch

accounts won: national bingo (£3m), royal caribbean cruises (£1m)

awards: campaign poster awards: channel 4 ‘it’s back. stabbing.’, promax media awards silver: channel 4 ‘happy new er’, campaign regional awards (best campaign): m&s ‘manchester’, campaign regional awards (best art direction): m&s ‘manchester’, campaign regional awards (best photography): m&s ‘manchester’



accounts: interflora, london docklands development, department of transport, tetley tea, fiat, british midland airline, qantas

awards: campaign radio awards bronze: qantas ‘haggle’, travel advertising awards gold (radio) qantas ‘haggle’, travel advertising awards (best print campaign): qantas ‘small spaces’, travel advertising awards (best use of illustration): qantas ‘small spaces’



accounts: beamish stout, colgate toothpaste, plax mouthwash, fosters lager

media experience:


tv, cinema, press, posters, radio, ambient, interactive tv, direct marketing, experiential, branded tv programme development, web design and content, online game creation, sales promotion, brochure content, brochure design, logo design, viral marketing, adobe photoshop, adobe illustrator, adobe indesign